That thing called Dream

Ever since I was a child, I had a notion that dreaming is a commoner’s hobby but a rich man’s passion! A poor man can only choose to pursue the hobby of dreaming. He, however, must have ambitions to chase. The way I look at dreams is all that you wish to have and be, but unfortunately can not. Ambitions, on the other hand, are those little achievable goals that you set during every stage of your life. They can be met if you do the right things in your current premise.

May be I sound like a complete loser but thats what life has taught me. Not that I have a sad life with no great things happening. Trust me, I have a beautiful life, most of the times, the way I want it to be. But all my dreams just didn’t turn into reality just like that! There was no magic wand for me. Even today, I dream to be the richest person in the world. But you think, I can be one? Not in my lifetime, I suppose. The journey from “Dare to dream Big” to “Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak, sometimes it just means you are strong enough to let go” can be taxing and may leave you devastated in life’s course.

I come from a middle class family and have struggled to achieve whatever I have today. And I am glad, my parents taught me to not just dream but to stay focussed towards the smaller goals. So if you are simply dreaming of a rosy road that leads to a fantasy land, you may be in for a total shock. The idea is not to stop dreaming; because thats what keeps you motivated, energised and live! But to take time out to break down your big dream in to smaller ones and the smaller ones into little ambitions. Evaluate if you have the right ambitions defined towards your big dream. And then work towards meeting them taking baby steps.

The dreams you had as a child may be way different from the ones you have as a teenager and so on. This is to say that dreams keep changing due to many reasons. Some of the factors could be your knowledge, society, your family conditions etc. One does not always has the super power to change the circumstances overnight and continue chasing the same dream. Reality does strike at some point. And its then that we realise how much time we have lost in dreaming.

So dream realistically and focus on smaller goals. Don’t loose on the beautiful life by following crazy, impossible dreams ❤


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