So much for Jingoism?

Off-late the average Indian patriotic emotions has been on huge surge. Every one seems to be socially intrigued by a mere reference of our nation under terrorist attack or nationalism, in general.

Its sweet. But I feel we may have crossed some limits. While you may call advocating ban on Pakistani actors a symbol of patriotism, it seems to have emerged out of the “Naive Civically Engaged Indian” mindset. To those like me, who think nationalism like charity begins at home, its difficult to imagine a nation grow holistically with such mindset.

How can a  person who has never cast his vote, have a say on how a nation should fight against terrorism? I do believe that we need to stand united during times like this but not by ways that inflict a quasi-national thinking in society simply because it makes you socially popular or reinforces your professional existence.

I am sure if you ask your house maid or a Chai-wala at the gali, about the whole India against terrorism thing, they would be in favor of the nation taking extreme steps. I feel thats ok. Simply because they can’t make well-informed decisions or opinions, much due to the deep-ingrained socio-economic inequality.

Its the more privileged ones, the office goers/scholars/students and the youth with access to all forms of information, who needs to be aware of the social impact they make by approving or disapproving of a certain idea or opinion. This does not mean that they are should hold-on to or not voice their opinion. They can, by all means! But only after a bit of social and ethical proof reading. For a nation to stay rational, as much as the fundamental right to express is advocated, the notion of “moral and wise expression” should be inculcated.

One may argue that morality and wisdom are subjective terms and may mean different things for different people. Yes, they do! But today’s citizen is cognitively skilled to define like boundaries of morality. I think, a society should stay away from quasi-nationalism to rather encourage rational thinking.

Lets be cognizant of the opinions we form and share in public, to ensure we nurture a un-biased and hate-free India! ❤


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