A good Samaritan : New law to the Rescuer’s rescue

Ever witnessed a road-side mishap where you hesitated to assist the victim fearing police/law scenes or prosecution? If yes, then its time to change your mind about rescuing for ever now!

Statistics tell, Bystander apathy leads to loss of almost 50% of lives hid by accidents today. Law and order situation in our country has always been a hindrance to many onlookers who wish to help the victim but end up turning a blind eye. They fear getting involved into police investigations or having to bear the medical expense and refrain from extending help.

Here’s the good news! Per Supreme Court Judgement dated March 30, 2016, a new law named A good Samaritan provides complete legal protection to the rescuers. This includes protection from any legal harassment or medical obligation or liability. Such laws are already in place in other regions of the world like Canada, UK, USA, Australia etc.


So next time you come across an accident scene, do not hesitate to help. You are covered! Keep helping, you can save a life ❤


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