The Natural Retaliation

While Facebook’s arctic data centre has put Luleå on world map, historic Italy turns in to rumbles and seems to be fading away. Nature is retaliating!

Such natural disasters are recurring and we continue to loose lives along with the immaculate infrastructure man kind has built. The human race has acknowledged the issue and some of the best folks have been put to task. All this sounds pretty convincing, doesn’t it! But I feel, its too little too late.

As a concerned citizen, I feel sorry about the loss of lives and property. I really do. But what hurts me more is the loss of beautiful historic monuments we have around us. To me its the loss of the priceless moments, these monuments have witnessed, which I once wished to relive but no longer can! More than the lives, I wish we could have saved these sculptures and testaments. I may sound gruesome but thats the sentiment I carry.

We may have left these lively stones in the lurch but they have remained loyal to humanity and continue to glorify our past. They have withstood in good times and bad and are indispensable. The indifference we show towards our own creations today is stark. The “nation” is struggling the battle of becoming the “super-nation”.

Many of us have a penchant for monuments innately. But for me, its largely the human rat-race thinking that has kind of led me to develop a taste for the non-human side. Finally we have unveiled the devil in disguise.

I just hope that in our mission to save mankind, the “human-task-force” is well funded and equipped to protect and preserve these lifeless forms too.  😦


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